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Show Notes

For this week’s episode, I have invited three amazing women with a wealth of knowledge and experience in women empowerment and career development in celebration of International Women's Day. 

Our first guest is Frances Rios, my mentor, who is the CEO of Women Who Lead and a world-renowned expert in women empowerment.

Our second guest is Dr. Jeanette Winters, a good friend of mine, who is the Chief Talent Officer and Managing Partner at Winters Advisory Group, who is exceptionally knowledgeable about HR and career planning.

Our third guest is my wife, Jessica Botero. She is a Managed Investments Lead Analyst at BNY Mellon Pershing. She is someone who has been promoted multiple times in every organization she has worked for and has built a fantastic career over the years.

I promise you that you will not want to miss this amazing episode!

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Episode Produced by: Olivia Wabski


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