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Should Universities Put More Effort Into Students Getting That Full-Time Job With Colin Byard


In this episode of the podcast, I had the opportunity of interviewing Colin Byard, University Innovation Alliance Fellow. We spoke about students getting a job after University and whether the University should make a stronger effort or is all the students responsibility. Colin gave some insightful tips such as journaling to learn more about what you specifically want in a career. Part of the podcast, was about whether Universities need to implement some changes, like the length of most degrees. Does a Business Management degree need to be the same length as a History degree? We also spoke about the importance of networking and if it should be a mandatory class for students. Colin brought up a great point when he mentioned that everything you do in University from group projects to joining a club is essentially networking.

 Here are some of the highlights: 

[3:18] Workforce development in IVY leagues 

[10:50] Do degrees really need to take the same amount of years for different subjects

[14:50] The importance of networking and should it be part of the University curriculum  

[17:20] What would you do if you had no network? How would you connect with others? 

[23:40] Fundamentals of networking in class

[32:50] College to career: new innovative things

[41:00] Social media: how we always only post the good parts about work

[49:30] Posting vulnerable and authentic parts as well

[56:00] Start journaling so that you can see opportunities to grow


The one thing that Colin would like for you to take away from this episode: 

Take charge of your career whether the university provides resources or not. 


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