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Ep. 166 “Why You Should Always Choose Confidence” With Alyssa Dver


Show Notes

In today’s episode of the podcast I speak with Confidence Crusader, Neuro Nerd and Success Equalizer Alyssa Dver.

After her son was diagnosed with a neurological disorder and told he would be paralyzed  for the rest of his life, Alyssa wanted to be knowledgeable on neurological science and took her education into her own hands.

While researching, Alyssa discovered the science behind confidence. She has scientifically proven that confidence is everyone's choice and superpower.

She has taught some of the top CEOs, neurologists, doctors, scientists, engineers, banking & investment advisors, sales executives, professors, and other driven individuals how to enable their confidence to be equal with their competence.

Tune into this episode to learn about the common characteristics of confident people, how to obtain confidence without being cocky, and why  introverts have more traits of confidence than extroverts and how to conquer imposter syndrome.

Get a copy of Alyssa’s book here: Confidence is a Choice: Real Science. Superhero Impact.

To get in contact with Alyssa, connect with her on LinkedIn: Alyssa Dver

During this podcast, I shared about my Mastering College to Career Academy. If you would like to get more information about it please visit: or email me any questions at [email protected]

Episode Produced By: Jordan Alford 


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