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Ep. 194 “Q&A About Work Visas” with Immigration Attorney Pedro Dearaujo


Show Notes

“What can I do to get a job in the United States? Is applying for a work visa easier than applying for citizenship? How long does this process usually take?” 

These are only a few questions that hundreds of thousands of recent college graduates are asking themselves.

To help those of you in this situation, I invited immigration attorney Pedro Dearaujo to answer these important questions about the immigration process.

Pedro and I talk about everything from common misconceptions regarding immigration to how a person can make the immigration process easier for them. Some questions we cover on this episode include: 

  1. It is very hard for a company to sponsor a recent college graduate. True or False?
  2. Should you answer yes or no to tricky questions, such as, “Will you in the future require sponsorship for employment?”
  3. How much does it cost companies to sponsor an employee?
  4. What can I do to make the process easier for the employer?
  5. What are some other common paths to residency in America?

Pedro sits down and fully immerses us in his world as an immigration attorney. He gives important advice on what you can do to get a job in the United States. 

Check out this episode for quick and easy tips to make your process easier! And don't hesitate to contact Pedro with any further questions or visit his website!

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Episode Produced by: Olivia Wabski 


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