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Ep. 197 “The Ripple Effect” with Joe Knopp


Show Notes

Have you ever met someone and said to yourself, “That person will change the world?”

That was my first thought when I met Joe Knopp. From our first conversation, I knew that I had to be part of his life and help him reach his full potential. 

Joe is not your average Joe. He is a serial entrepreneur, full of energy and drive to make an impact. He spent all of his savings on 2,000 bottles in the hope that he can sell them and use the profits to build a water well. 

For every Ripple Bottle you buy, you help provide clean water to someone in need. Every time you get to enjoy your clean water from a Ripple Bottle, you can feel grateful that you were able to help someone on the other side of the world have clean water too. 

There's more to Joe than just his company Ripple, so I invite you to get to know him during this episode of the Mastering College to Career podcast! 

And don’t forget to get your own Ripple Bottle!

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