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Ep. 198 “How We Got Our Dream Jobs And You Can Too” with Silvana Bastante, Adrian Alvarez, Jordan Alford, and Trist’n Joseph


Show Notes

Hey, Daniel here! I talk about what mentees accomplish with Mastering College to Career all the time, but now, it’s time for them to talk!

During this week’s #MenteeSuccessStory, I’ve invited four Mastering College to Career alumni to speak on a panel to current students. Silvana Bastante, Adrian Alvarez, Jordan Alford, and Trist’n Joseph will each be discussing how their experience with the program eventually led them to their dream jobs.

This is an episode perfect for those currently in the program or debating on whether to join! 

Listen along as each of these former mentees give current mentees advice on how they too can take the job market by storm!

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Episode Edited by: Olivia Wabski


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