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Ep. 200 “200th Episode All-Star Panel” with Austin Belcak, Maya Grossman, and Emily Melious


Show Notes

“I just got a new job, and I’m a little overwhelmed, what can I expect? I’m a recent college graduate, how do I start networking?” These questions are perfect for this week’s all-star panelists.

Hey, MC2C family! Joining me today for the 200th episode of the podcast are three incredible panelists I’ve met within the past year through networking on LinkedIn. 

Austin Belcak, the standard for career advice, joins us and brings his own personal experiences as a voice of reason in the career development area.

Maya Grossman, a marketing expert with a passion for career development, wants to show people how to make the most of themselves.

Emily Melious, my go-to person when I need clarity in my career, helps people create purpose in their careers and accomplish their goals.

Austin, Maya, Emily, and I all come together to give advice on how you can start networking, whether you just recently graduated, recently got a job, or just want to broaden your horizons.

Tune for tips on how you can be confident yourself while networking and furthering your career!

Have questions about your career? Well we are here to help! Text me if you have any questions at +1 (321) 221-5240.

Episode Edited by: Olivia Wabski


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