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Ep. 212 “How to Hack Your Resume” with Eugene Hayden


Show Notes

Hey, MC2C family, Daniel here! 

There are still so many people struggling to obtain a job in this COVID-19 economy. So, today, I’m coming at you with a classic: An episode I recorded almost a year ago, but still continues to be relevant today.

In this episode, I invited industry professional Eugene Hayden to share more tips on how to build genuine relationships with hiring managers and how to use the Prometheus lab database and other resources to secure a position in this climate. 

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Eugene’s database has been used by almost half 1 million individuals looking for work.

Tune in to learn more about résumé tips, tricks, and hacks, crafting a perfect résumé, and how to apply for positions during this post-pandemic era! You won’t want to miss this!

And, don’t forget to head on over to Eugene’s LinkedIn to check out his résumé cheat sheets!

Have questions about your career? Well, we are here to help! Text me if you have any questions at +1 (321) 221-5240.

Episode Produced by: Olivia Wabski


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