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Ep. 213 “Why Candidates Have More Leverage Than They Think” with Katie O’Malley


Show Notes

Hey, MC2C family, Daniel here! We got a good one for you this week!

In this week’s episode, I invited Katie O’Malley, founder of (en)Courage Coaching, to talk about our experiences in the job market and how you can take the employment search into your own hands to secure your dream job.

Too many people believe that they are nothing but just another applicant to a company. However, companies are just as desperate to find the perfect applicant.

I have seen many companies struggle to find the perfect applicant or the right amount of applicants and can’t afford a potential new hire to walk away towards a competitor.

Listen up if you want easy tips on how you can show companies that you are exactly what they’re looking for!

And, visit Mastering College to Career to learn more about how we can help you with your career!

Episode Produced by: Olivia Wabski


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