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Ep. 217 "Part 3: Visibility"


Show Notes

Hello, MC2C family, Daniel here! This week I will be discussing how visibility is key.

You’ll be able to take hold of your image and use it to your advantage after learning these three simple steps:

  1. How visibility is more important than ability when applying for your first job
  2. Why the current way of looking for a job doesn’t work
  3. How to utilize an event to beat over 95% of all candidates.

Knowing how to do these three things can mean the difference between getting your dream job or having to resort to your back-up plan.

So, whether you’ve already finished the course, you’re completing it now, or you have yet to start, here’s your reminder that without visibility, you’ll fade into the background.

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Episode Produced by: Olivia Wabski


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