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Special Upload: Ep. 163 "How to Handle Rejection” with Basant Shenouda

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Special Upload: Ep. 163 "How to Handle Rejection” with Basant Shenouda

Did you know that less than 1% of all LinkedIn users post content? Even fewer post about the rejections or failures that they have experienced and continue to experience.

Social media has become a highlight reel of only the good things in life, but that’s not real nor is it a good representation of the human experience.

In today’s episode we talk about a very real topic yet very rarely discussed: rejection.

Basant Shenouda is a LinkedIn BLP associate and career coach looking to inspire others and help them tap into their full potential.

After being rejected from Google, Facebook and LinkedIn, Basant has shown how resilience is an act of character everyone should uphold.

In this episode we discuss Basant the LinkedIn superstar who has proven to the world that though rejection is inevitable, you can take the criticism to re-strategize and come back stronger than ever.

Tune into today’s episode to learn how to deal with rejection, how personal branding can help to benefit your job search, and how overcoming obstacles as an international student will help to strengthen and develop your skills.

To get in contact with Basant connect with her on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/basantshenouda/ and follow #BasantBlast also to book her for speaking engagements and career coaching email her at [email protected]



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