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Ep. 221 “How 90 Companies Wanted to Hire Me” with Kevin Olivieri

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Mastering College To Career
Ep. 221 “How 90 Companies Wanted to Hire Me” with Kevin Olivieri

Something look a little different? 

We at Mastering College to Career wanted to better cater to our audience, and felt that we should include you in our title, so How To Get A Job: College Student Edition was born. While our name may have changed, our mission here is exactly the same: To help you get a job

What if I told you that you can get over 90 companies to reach out to hire you without ever applying online? Would you believe me? 

Well, Kevin Olivieri wanted to take control of his job search process. Instead of applying online and waiting for companies to reach out to him, he took the road less traveled.

On this week’s episode, Kevin explains exactly how he got over 300,000 visits and over 9,000 reactions to his resume.

And, don’t forget to watch both this video and this video to see Kevin’s strategy and to see how you can implement it as well!


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