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Ep.248 "How to own your career!"

Uncategorized Jun 16, 2022
Mastering College To Career
Ep.248 "How to own your career!"

We assume that graduating and getting a job is the finish line, but in fact, it is the start of a marathon. The problem is that this marathon is very different than the one we just finished. 

During our school years, we had structure. 

We were told what to do to get to the next grade and even graduate.

But in the career marathon, we d have the level of support. 

It is up to us to own our careers and be strategic so that we can continue to level up. 

That is why in today’s episode of the How to Land a Job podcast I brought Maya Grossman to the show. 

She is a Peak Performance coach with over 15 Years of experience, a best-selling author, and ex-Google and marketing. 

So if you want to own your career, make sure you check out the show. 


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