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Career Q&A with Amanda Nachman & Daniel Botero Ep 105




In this episode, I do something a little different. I partner up with my friend Amanda Nachman who has an amazing podcast of her own. What we wanted to do is cross-promote our podcast by creating an amazing episode and diving it into two parts.  In my podcast, you will be listing to Part 2. So before you listen to this episode search for Find Your Passion Career anywhere you are listening to mine. Then come back and listen to part 2. Enjoy! 

About Amanda Nachman

Amanda Nachman empowers young professionals as a Career Fulfillment Speaker and founder and CEO of College Magazine, the trusted guide to college, reaching 9 million readers nationwide. Amanda has developed a career strategy by coaching thousands of college students. Her graduates have gone on to careers at National Geographic, Random House, NBC, Vox, and more. Nachman also hosts the Find Your Passion Career podcast on iTunes and Spotify.

If you want a career you love, go to Amanda's site at FindYourPassionCareer.com and sign up to get her free 5 steps to unlocking your passion!

Find Your Passion Career Website: https://findyourpassioncareer.com/

Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/find-your-passion-career-podcast/id1447211946

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/amandanachman/

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