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Networking Rules for Every College Student Ep 106

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Show Notes

Studies show that over 80% of jobs are acquired by referrals. This is why networking is one of the most important skills a college student can learn. 

In this video, I talk about my 5 rules of networking that every student should follow. These rules have allowed me to build long-lasting relationships with hundreds of individuals world wide. The 5 rules are:

#1 Always start with what’s in it for them

#2 Only receive something when you really need it

#3 Make sure you stay top of mind

#4 Position yourself as a trusted advisor

#5 Stay true to your word

I also go on to speak about how to network at a live event. I give multiple tips, but my favorite tip is to get there early and introduce yourself to the event organizer. 

To download the Networking Check List that I mention during the episode visit: 


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