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Using UpKey to Build a Resume, Elevator Pitch and More with Amir Badr Ep 110



Show Notes

In this episode of the podcast I interview the founder and CEO of UPKEY, Amir Badr. UPKEY gives you a winning resume, builds your professional brand, and connects you with top companies offering internships and jobs.

We had a very good discussion about what makes someone a really good candidate. We talk about the different characteristics that help make someone a good candidate such as GRIT. 

We also talk about how most companies recruit from the same handful of Universities. The fact is that students who don’t attend these universities are less likely to get noticed by top tier companies. 

This episode is jam-packed with great information. So make sure you listen to it on your favorite podcast app or watch the interview on Youtube. 

If you would like to learn more about UPKEY please visit their website at https://upkey.com/

Remember UPKEY is 100% FREE to students!!! 

Have questions for Amir or his team at UPKEY? 

Email Amir at [email protected] or his team at [email protected] 

About Amir Bad

When he was 17, Amir Badr fled Iran and came to the United States where he worked as a server in a restaurant, earned degrees from the University of Illinois and the University of Chicago Booth School of Business before leading diversity and inclusion efforts at a Fortune 500. Spending several years leading HR initiatives made Amir well-versed in the corporate landscape and aware of the underlying issues challenging talent assessment and hiring. Upkey is a product of Amir's personal and professional journey and learnings. The digital learning platform provides engaging and millennial-aligned modules to help strengthen student’s transition into the professional world. Upkey's mission is to close the education gap and increase professional upward mobility by democratizing powerful content and delivering it in a unique way. 

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