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Ep 112 The 6 Career Factors That Will Prepare You For Your Job Search with Erik Harbison




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Show Notes

In this episode I speak with Erik Harbison, the Co-founder of The Marketing Help. The Marketing Help is the #1 resource for proactively managing your marketing career.

Marketing has changed a lot during the past 5 years and Erik and I have a conversation around the soft and technical skills that students can build now to land their dream job in the marketing field. 

We also talk about the 6 career factors that will prepare you for your job search. There are: 

  • Challenge
  • Company
  • Location
  • Salary 
  • Title 
  • Balance

About Erik Harbison

Erik is passionate about making connections that enable success for the next generation of marketers and marketing talent.

He has been building marketing teams, strategies, and solutions for over 25 years in agency, SaaS, and academic environments.

He has held leadership roles with award-winning agencies, such as Harmelin Media, 22 Squared, 360i, and eBay Enterprises.

More recently, Erik was leading marketing strategy and growth as CMO at AWeber Email Marketing (email software for SMBs).

Over his career, Erik has amassed a well-developed, active network with leading agency, tech, start up and academic communities.

From an education standpoint, Erik serves as a guest instructor for a one-of-a-kind course on digital marketing with Drexel University. And, is lead instructor for the #1 ranked online digital marketing professional certification course with the University of Vermont. 

His passion for educating marketers led him to support the online marketplace for digital marketers, GenM, as their lead instructor and career coach. 

He has helped hundreds of students start their marketing career journey and established marketing professionals evolve their craft, network and marketability.

Contact Erik 


or https://www.themarketinghelp.co/

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