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Ep. 121 How to Walk Away From The Career Fair With Job and Internship Offers




Not all weeks of your semester are created equal. There is one week in the semester that can change the trajectory for the rest of your college career. That week is the week of the career fair. 

If you are a college student that is currently looking for a job or an internship then attending the Career Fair is a MUST. 

I have seen students attend the Career Fair and end up receiving multiple internship offers by the end of the week. At the same time, I have also seen students attend the Career Fair without a game plan thinking that they did well, but they ultimately never hear back from the companies they spoke with. 

This is why in this episode I am going to give you the strategies that I teach my students to MASTER the Career Fair. The goal is to have you walk away with multiple on-campus interviews lined up which will lead to offers. 

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