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Ep 128 -Why Companies Have Interns and Why Knowing This Gives You a Major Advantage With Alex Rodriguez



Show Notes 

In this episode of the podcast I sit down with Alex Rodriguez, the Sr. HR Director for EA Sports.

We talk about why companies have interns and how they are becoming a bigger part of the company’s recruitment process. 

The role of internships has evolved. It has gone from nice to have to a critical way to lure top talent. 

This episode is full of great insight from a company's perspective when it comes to internships and developmental programs.  

So if you are a student that is looking to get into a top internship program, this is the perfect episode for you to listen to. 

To learn more about Alex Rodriguez connect with him on LinkedIn. 


If you are interested in learning more about the amazing career opportunities EA has to offer, including internships and full-time jobs then visit: https://www.ea.com/careers



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