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Ep 129 Bumble for Job Searching with Parker Pell



In this episode of the podcast I talk to Parker Pell, the co-founder of Scholars (a platform where companies make the first move!!) Yes, it’s like Bumble for job searching. You’ll learn more about Parker and why he and the rest of the co-founders think that it makes more sense for companies to make the first move! 

This platform is completely free to students so make sure you go to the link below to create your profile ASAP.


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About Scholars 

Scholars makes it easier for businesses and students to connect for internships and entry-level jobs by allowing businesses to make the first move.


About Parker

Parker graduated from Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee with an Economics degree and grew up in Dallas. He is an avid college sports fan and oldest of three brothers. He is one of the three founders of Scholars and the team has been together for over two and a half years. Scholars is the second company their founding team has started involved in the college space. Their interest in higher education and personal experience as recent college graduates who struggled in the internship/job search process lead them to create Scholars.


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