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Ep 130 How to Get Multiple Job Offers Before You Graduate with Luis Guzman




In this episode of the podcast I talk to Luis Guzman, an alumni student from the Mastering College to Career Academy. He went from applying to 20+ companies and not hearing back from any to getting recruited like a pro athlete. He landed 4 internships and a full-time job offer from his top company 2 semesters before graduation. 

No more wondering if you have the "perfect" resume.

I am going to share with you the proven strategies I uncovered while doing campus recruiting for PepsiCo at one of the largest Universities in the country. You're going to learn the #1 reason why 96% of applicants never even hear back, I am also going to show you how to be part of the 1% that gets put on the "list", and finally you're going to discover how to access the hidden job market (where over 80% of jobs are filled).


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