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Ep.256: "How to stand out during the interview"

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Ep.256: "How to stand out during the interview"

This is the secret behind interview questions.

Whenever an interviewer asks you something, think about this first. Why are they asking you this question? How do they really want you to answer?

Something people seem to forget during interviews, is that there is always a question behind a question.

And the right answer will always be driven by what you think the interviewer wants to hear, meaning all the things that would benefit them, their team, and their company.

Confused? No worries!

In today’s episode, I invited David Fano (Founder & CEO at Teal) and we discussed what you need to know to successfully sell yourself during interviews and land your dream offer, including:

  • Becoming the person everyone wants to hire.
  • What the “Tell me about yourself” question really means and how you should answer it.
  • The questions you should be asking.

Take 30 min to listen to this episode now and get ready to ace your next interview.

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Episode Produced by: Sofia Rojas


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