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Ep.262 "How to own your career during changing times"

Mastering College To Career
Ep.262 "How to own your career during changing times"

Entering a job market after a pandemic and during a potential recession is scary.

And as a recent grad, getting a job is just the start of your concerns.

What comes after that, the decisions you take, the chances you get and the challenges you overcome set the foundation of your career and will determine your long-term professional journey.

Sounds stressing, right?

That’s why I invited Karen Hebert-Maccaro, GM at Education Morning Brew, an expert in modern professional development and networking.

She’s had experience from all the possible viewpoints on the matter, as talent management executive, chief learning officer, chief content officer, executive coach, business school professor and dean as well as a management consultant.

We delved into everything you need to know as a recent grad entering the workforce during uncertain and new times like these, including:

  • Pros and cons of remote work.
  • Navigating the job market during a recession.
  • Building a professional narrative.
  • Work-Life balance.

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