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How Women Can Elevate their Career w/Maricella Herrera

Mastering College To Career
How Women Can Elevate their Career w/Maricella Herrera

My wife, who went to a better school, had better GPA, and overall on paper was a better candidate, struggled to get a job while I had 6-7 job offers after graduation.

She’s smarter, she's harder working and essentially a better hire than I am, but I ultimately had better offers because of the strategies I was implementing. And I notice this happens most of the time with my female clients.

To learn how to overcome this, I invited Maricella Herrera, CEO of Ellevate Network, on our show to discuss women's career development. We talked about becoming noticeable, building your network and finding the right companies.

If you're one of the millions of women who work really hard, but you feel like you're overlooking opportunities, listen to this episode now and learn to master the job search. 

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Show notes:

(3:33): Make yourself noticeable instead of waiting to be noticed.

(6:54): Building Genuine relationships.

(8:35): How to build your personal brand and why it is important.

(10:30): Learn to enjoy networking.

(14:16): How to get a mentor.

(21:44): What you should look for in a company as a woman.

(23:40): How to own your career.

(26:00): Number 1 thing companies are looking for.

Episode Produced by: Sofia Rojas


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