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3 Things You Need To Know To Find Your Ideal Career with Emily Melious

In this episode of the podcast I had the opportunity of interviewing Emily Melious, the CEO and Founder of Launch Consulting LLC. She is a talent optimizer, people analytics expert, business strategy consultant, and career coach. We cover a lot in this episode, but most importantly we discuss the 3 things you need to know to find your ideal career.

Here are some of the highlights:

[5:00] Self-assessments are great investments

[10:20] 3 things you need to know to find your ideal career

[18:30] How do you find your WHY?

[24:00] We live in an immediate gratification society

[27:30] You need to start with figuring out the HOW first

[31:30] How does emotional intelligence play a role in your career?


The one thing that Emily would like for you to take away from this episode:

Make the world fit into who you are, don’t change yourself to fit into the world

Want to connect with Emily?

LinkedIn- https://www.linkedin.com/in/emilymelious/

Website- https://www.launchconsulting.io/student/#.XTm1TpNKhTY


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