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How To Get A Job Podcast

In this podcast, we help STEM students take away the fear of graduating without a job, and instead, we teach you how to land a full-time job!

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Ep 114 How I Landed My Dream Internship With My Dream Company with Ashley M. Ortiz Rosario



Show Notes

 In this episode I have a conversation with Ashley M. Ortiz Rosario. She’s an alumni of the Mastering College to Career Academy and someone I’ve been working with for the past 6 months. She recently...

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Ep 112 The 6 Career Factors That Will Prepare You For Your Job Search with Erik Harbison




I will be hosting a FREE TRAINING on how to land a job with a Fortune 500 Company. 


Show Notes

In this episode I speak with Erik Harbison, the Co-founder of The Marketing Help. The Marketing Help is...

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