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How To Get A Job Podcast

In this podcast, we help International STEM students take away the fear of graduating without a job, and instead, we teach you how to land a full-time job that will sponsor your H1B! 

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Ep 245 "How to turn your summer internship into a full time job"

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Mastering College To Career
Ep 245 "How to turn your summer internship into a full time job"

You got a summer internship congratulations! 


But how do you turn it into a full time job? 


Here is thing that if you do will practically guarantee you get the offer!! 


#1. Understand how you are being...

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Ep 130 How to Get Multiple Job Offers Before You Graduate with Luis Guzman




In this episode of the podcast I talk to Luis Guzman, an alumni student from the Mastering College to Career Academy. He went from applying to 20+ companies and not hearing back from any to getting recruited...

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