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How To Get A Job Podcast

In this podcast, we help STEM students take away the fear of graduating without a job, and instead, we teach you how to land a full-time job!

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Ep.256: "How to stand out during the interview"

Mastering College To Career
Ep.256: "How to stand out during the interview"

This is the secret behind interview questions.

Whenever an interviewer asks you something, think about this first. Why are they asking you this question? How do they really want you to answer?

Something people seem to forget during interviews, is...

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Ep 137 So Tell Me About Yourself? with Stan Miller


Show Notes

In this episode of the podcast, I speak with Stan Miller, Chief Sales Officer at Viewpost and Founder of professional development firm Storicate. 

Stan is an expert at helping people tell their stories because at the end...

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