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How To Get A Job Podcast

In this podcast, we help STEM students take away the fear of graduating without a job, and instead, we teach you how to land a full-time job!

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Ep.157 “Utilizing Video In Your Networking Strategy” With Steve Pacinelli


Show Notes

In these uncertain times and times of social distancing, videos are what have kept us all #alonetogether during this quarantine.

In today’s episode, we talk about cultivating relationships and how utilizing videos when...

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Ep. 121 How to Walk Away From The Career Fair With Job and Internship Offers




Not all weeks of your semester are created equal. There is one week in the semester that can change the trajectory for the rest of your college career. That week is the week of the career fair. 


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How To Become The Ideal Candidate For Your Dream Company

Youtube Video  Podcast

About Episode

In this episode, we talk about how you can become the ideal candidate for your dream companies. The reality is that it’s in their best interest to tell you what soft and hard skills they’re...

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Why Mastering Your Transition From College To Career Should Be Your #1 Priority


In this episode, I explain why every student should make their transition from college to career their #1 priority. Your first job out of college sets the foundation for the rest of your professional career which is why this is so...

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